In the late 70s and early 80s, Andy and the Rattlesnakes captivated L.A. music fans with their exciting live performances. Their audiences quickly understood that a Snakes performance was not going to be just another rock n’ roll evening. Whether politically charged, strikingly imaginative or sweetly romantic, their songs covered an expansive musical and lyrical territory. The band's sound combined twisted punk overtones, reggae dubs, ska skanks, and spontaneous jazz and blues improvisations, into a mixture held together by the heart and soul backbone of solid R&B. 

The Rattlesnakes' musicianship provided the perfect accompaniment for New Jersey singer/songwriter Andy Krikun's poignant lyrics and soulful singing style that bring to mind both Otis Redding and Joe Strummer. While the fervid grooves of bassist Rob Hasick and drummers Barry the Hatchet Wisdom and Andrew Campbell-Hare kept the dance floor at maximum capacity, the band's soloists intrigued listeners with their adventurous musical explorations. Keyboardist Morley Bartnoff combined the raw energy of Jerry Lee Lewis with the jarring harmonies of Thelonious Monk, guitarist Paul Lacques mixed Chicago Blues and Chuck Berry with metallic space age atonality, while saxophonist Jeff Hollie moved from soothing full-bodied warm tones to ominous caterwauling. Together, Andy and the Rattlesnakes devised a musical melange that still resonates over three decades later.

Since Andy and the Rattlesnakes disbanded in 1981, the members have continued to lead active musical lives. The bands featuring former Rattlesnakes include the Burning Sensations (Capitol Records), the Bonedaddys, Rotondi, the Underthings, Daisychain, Blazing Wheel, Urban Artillery, I See Hawks in L.A. and Double Naught Spy Car. Individually and collaboratively, their music has been featured in film and television (Repo Man, The Shot, The Mayor of Sunset Strip).

Dr. Andy Krikun earned his Master’s degree in Ethnomusicology from UCLA and doctorate in Music Education from New York University and is currently Professor of Music at Bergen Community College in Paramus, New Jersey, where he guides the careers of future musicians and music business professionals. When not leading his own band Cosmo Topper, keyboardist Morley Bartnoff can be found performing in the theatrical celebration of John Lennon's life and music, Just Imagine. Guitarist Paul Lacques has recorded three albums with his highly acclaimed country rock combo, I See Hawks in L.A. as well as Double Naught Spy Car and the Earthworm Ensemble. Bassist Rob Hasick has been active both as a musician and as a visual artist. Living in Amsterdam since the early 90s, saxophonist Jeff Hollie has toured Europe collaborating with DJs and spoken word artists. Percussionist Mike Tempo continues to perform with his band the Bonedaddys and is also active as a visual artist. The newest Rattlesnake drummer John Lacques, is the founder and principal facilitator of drumtime.

Last Summer to Dance, the band's first full-length album, consisting of twelve re-mastered tracks compiling studio sessions, demos, and live performances at the Taurus Tavern, was released on Fellaheen Records in 2006. The band is currently putting the finishing touches on their new EP, Back on theTrail, to be released in Summer 2017.

Snake, Rattle and Roll!

Snake, Rattle and Roll!